Asset Management

Stated previously, municipalities have numerous assets that wireless providers deem useful for deployment of their equipment and technology. Some are obvious. Some are not so obvious. Obvious ones include existing towers, water tanks, and tall buildings. Not so obvious include light poles, right of ways and public spaces. In any event, each of these can be marketed to the wireless industry and create a revenue stream for the municipality.

Urban Wireless Solutions can take an inventory of all potential assets, maintain that inventory and market it to the wireless industry. This creates not only a revenue opportunity but also the opportunity to become a first-class city ready to dive into the next decade of the 21 st century. Not only can Urban Wireless Solutions inventory and market the municipal assets, but it can also do the sometimes tedious task of managing the assets themselves. A city does not necessarily have the data to determine whether a tower or water tank has the structural capacity to support wireless infrastructure. Similarly, a city may not know which light or utility poles are suitable for wireless infrastructure or what the capacity within a right of way is for more fiber. Once Urban Wireless Solutions takes an inventory of those assets, we can help manage that inventory, making sure that structures do not get overloaded, spaces are properly utilized and aesthetics are not compromised.

Again, our service is designed to lessen the burden on the municipality and foster a good working relationship with the wireless industry. Our goal is to strenuously represent the municipality by making sure that both the city and the wireless provider get what they need without feeling that they had to battle each other.

Why Are We The Best?

To foster a cooperative, not adversarial, relationship between local government and the wireless industry. To connect cities to the future for the future.

Wireless technology is obviously here to stay. It becomes a larger part of our lives every day. At UWS, we believe that the industry and communities need each other to take advantage of synergies that exist between the two entities. UWS wants to bring those to the forefront and make wireless work for everybody.

UWS will bring its wealth of experience and knowledge, along with its work ethic, to the client for achieving a wireless solution that best serves the community and its constituents. UWS will make every effort possible to arrive at this solution cooperatively with the wireless industry. However, UWS will represent its clients vigorously and will make every attempt to reach mutually beneficial results without sacrificing the best interest of the community.

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