Legislative Issues
National League of Cities Encourages Support of Bill to Reverse FCC Regulation Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment

Support H.R. 530 to Empower Local Broadband Leadership

NLC calls on Congress to cosponsor H.R. 530, the Accelerating Wireless Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019, introduced by Representative Anna Eshoo (D-CA-18). H.R. 530 would repeal recent harmful Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations that force local governments to subsidize the deployment of 5G wireless infrastructure on public property with no guarantee of improved service for residents.

Cities, towns, and villages are eager to welcome new technologies like 5G but must retain the authority to protect the diverse needs of their residents. Federal agencies should work more closely with local leaders to understand those needs, which the FCC’s actions fail to do. H.R. 530 does not preclude future congressional or agency action. It only reverses the shortsighted order finalized by the FCC in 2018.