Contract Negotiation and Management

The speed at which the wireless industry wants and needs to deploy the latest and greatest technology often requires the use of municipal assets to support its infrastructure. This could be towers, water tanks, tall buildings, lighting structures or public right of ways. This typically requires some sort of contract, lease or license to be executed between the municipality and the wireless entity. Often the wireless entity puts its standard form agreement in front of the municipal officials hoping they will execute quickly and without much negotiation. These documents are usually one-sided in favor of the wireless entity and provide for little compensation. Municipal officials then present their version of an agreement which usually goes to the other extreme of permissible contract provisions and compensation. This, in turn, leads to drawn-out negotiations, wastes of resources and time and the development of hard feelings before a project evens gets off the ground.

With the extensive experience Urban Wireless Solutions brings to the table, we have a good working knowledge of what is reasonable and acceptable to both sides in these negotiations. We understand the terms and conditions that work for both parties. We also understand and have a good feeling for the economic range that is acceptable to all parties. Utilizing this service, long, drawn-out contract negotiations can be avoided. More rapid deployment of equipment can occur, getting service provided quickly and revenue into the hands of the municipality.

Once contracts have been signed and implemented, Urban Wireless Solutions can assist with the management of those documents, making sure that both sides stay in compliance with the agreements. Because both parties have so much going on, sometimes small details get missed, whether its provision of a certificate of insurance, access to a gate or even a lease payment. Having Urban Wireless Solutions manage those agreements on your behalf will ensure that those small details don’t get missed. Our attention won’t be diverted to many different projects and issues. Our sole focus is your wireless business.

Why Are We The Best?

To foster a cooperative, not adversarial, relationship between local government and the wireless industry. To connect cities to the future for the future.

Wireless technology is obviously here to stay. It becomes a larger part of our lives every day. At UWS, we believe that the industry and communities need each other to take advantage of synergies that exist between the two entities. UWS wants to bring those to the forefront and make wireless work for everybody.

UWS will bring its wealth of experience and knowledge, along with its work ethic, to the client for achieving a wireless solution that best serves the community and its constituents. UWS will make every effort possible to arrive at this solution cooperatively with the wireless industry. However, UWS will represent its clients vigorously and will make every attempt to reach mutually beneficial results without sacrificing the best interest of the community.

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