Since the mid-1980’s, the wireless industry has been a rapidly changing animal. New technologies, new devices, new infrastructure, new customer demands have forced the industry to constantly evolve. However, the change the industry is currently witnessing and will continue to observe over the next few years is like nothing seen since the early years of the industry and is coming fast and furious.

Wireless carriers are trying to stay ahead of each other while trying to provide customers with the latest and greatest service they demand. Likewise, all of the component players of the wireless industry are trying to keep up with the needs and demands of the wireless carriers they serve. Fiber companies are rapidly deploying fiber optic cable throughout the country in the places thought to be those of the highest need. Device manufacturers are quickly developing new phones and gadgets that people, businesses and the industry demand to utilize the newest technologies. Equipment manufacturers like makers of antennas and other infrastructure related items are also under the gun to develop those items that most efficiently meet the needs of the wireless carriers and meet with the needs of the customer base.

To facilitate this changing wireless landscape, State and Federal governmental bodies are quickly formulating and adopting statutes and regulations to help expedite the deployment of advanced wireless services in our communities. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, these regulations and statutes are imposing burdensome requirements on local governments without providing any additional resources to administer these regulations. This, in turn, causes further friction between communities and wireless providers. It sets up communities to be in violation of these statutes and regulations, which can lead to needless litigation or other penalties. In the end, it leads to unnecessary delay in getting the services demanded by the public.

The experts at Urban Wireless Solutions can work with your staff and bring all of the pertinent stakeholders up to speed on these rules and regulations, how they apply to your particular situation and help minimize any possible sanctions that could arise for failing to comply. The current discussion is focused primarily on the new wireless frontier of “5G,” which of course is viewed slightly different by all parties. There is, however, still much to be learned and kept up to date regarding the wireless industry. There is also much misinformation out there upon which Urban Wireless Solutions can shed light, i.e., the constant environmental/EME disputes, the notion that towers and wireless facilities diminish property values just to name a couple of the more common ones that arise.

Urban Wireless Solutions can provide information and training on the latest trends in the wireless industry and even some of the old ones. We can meet with your staff in person one time or on a regular basis to discuss new developments. We can provide regular newsletters. In the not too distant future, we plan to provide a regular blog or even podcasts to discuss the constant evolution of the wireless industry that will help your community stay current and work cooperatively with the industry, not in an adversarial manner.

Most disputes within a community related to wireless arise from a lack of information or simply a lack of knowledge. Education is vitally important in resolving these disputes or avoiding them altogether. Urban Wireless Solutions has years of experience in the industry to be that information and education resource for the community and is constantly reviewing trends and developments within the industry so that it can provide your community with the best tools possible to navigate the waters of the wireless world.

Why Are We The Best?

To foster a cooperative, not adversarial, relationship between local government and the wireless industry. To connect cities to the future for the future.

Wireless technology is obviously here to stay. It becomes a larger part of our lives every day. At UWS, we believe that the industry and communities need each other to take advantage of synergies that exist between the two entities. UWS wants to bring those to the forefront and make wireless work for everybody.

UWS will bring its wealth of experience and knowledge, along with its work ethic, to the client for achieving a wireless solution that best serves the community and its constituents. UWS will make every effort possible to arrive at this solution cooperatively with the wireless industry. However, UWS will represent its clients vigorously and will make every attempt to reach mutually beneficial results without sacrificing the best interest of the community.

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