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For as long as the wireless industry came into prominence, there has been an air of controversy between industry participants and communities. Communities struggle with the balance of knowing the need for wireless and making sure the burden of supporting the infrastructure does not fall unduly on its residents. Obviously, the industry has been able to develop through the years, but the mistrust that exists between the industry and communities is notable. The industry has been viewed as the bully coming to impose its will, while the communities have either been thought of as weak or in many cases as obstructionists. This often leads to delays in deploying the latest wireless technologies and service and costly litigation for both the industry and the communities.

The people at Urban Wireless Solutions have significant experience on both sides of the fence. Our staff includes a former municipal attorney with a major metropolitan suburb. Our staff also includes many long-time veterans of the wireless industry. In other words, we fully understand the wants and needs of both sides. We want to help bridge that gap that exists between communities, help eliminate the mistrust and help reduce the barriers that can prevent deployment of the latest technologies. We want to foster a mutually cooperative relationship between the communities and the industry so that everybody can enjoy the fruits of robust wireless networks and the services they can provide.

Why Are We The Best?

To foster a cooperative, not adversarial, relationship between local government and the wireless industry. To connect cities to the future for the future.

Wireless technology is obviously here to stay. It becomes a larger part of our lives every day. At UWS, we believe that the industry and communities need each other to take advantage of synergies that exist between the two entities. UWS wants to bring those to the forefront and make wireless work for everybody.

UWS will bring its wealth of experience and knowledge, along with its work ethic, to the client for achieving a wireless solution that best serves the community and its constituents. UWS will make every effort possible to arrive at this solution cooperatively with the wireless industry. However, UWS will represent its clients vigorously and will make every attempt to reach mutually beneficial results without sacrificing the best interest of the community.

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Crown Castle and Santa Barbara County Fight Over Fees

September 13th, 2019|Categories: 5G, Education, Liaison, Litigation, Network, Small Cells, Wireless|Tags: , , , , , |

Crown Castle Seeks Relief from “Excessive” Permit Fees  Crown Castle is protesting what it says are unreasonable permit fees to deploy wireless infrastructure in the rights-of-way in Santa Barbara County, California. In a filing [...]

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